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Kimber Matherne



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Alice Springs Chicken… have you had it before?? If you haven’t you are missing out. This chicken is loaded with flavors of honey mustard, mushrooms, onions and topped off with bacon and cheese.

This dish will have you licking your plate when you are done. This is an easy one dish casserole that will be become one of your regular recipes.

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ONE DISH Alice Springs Chicken

This recipe has long been one of my favorite meals at Outback Steakhouse. Every time I ate this chicken I knew I had to figure out a way to recreate it for home.

We did it! And it is EASIER than ever, since it is all baked in just ONE DISH!

If you like the taste of tangy honey mustard this dish is a must. The chicken is topped with perfectly sautéed mushroom, sweet onions and my personal favorite bacon. And a chicken bake would not be complete without a creamy layer of cheese.

Easy Alice Springs Chicken (2)

Recipe Tips & Tricks

This recipe is super simple! I am going to walk through an overview of how to make Alice Springs Chicken here, adding in some of my tips and recommendations for this recipe. Make sure to hop to the bottom of this post to find the FULL printable recipe card.

  1. Lay the chicken breasts flat in a large casserole dish. Season with salt, pepper, and garlic powder.
    • Trim your chicken breast, I would recommend cutting each piece of chicken in half so that it is half the thickness.
    • This will help it cook more evenly in the oven.
  2. Spread 1-2 Tbsp of honey mustard on top of each chicken breast.
    • You want to create a nice thick layer
  3. Combine the chopped mushrooms, thinly sliced onions, remaining salt, pepper, and garlic powder in a bowl and stir to coat. Spread the mixture over the chicken.
    • If you don’t like any of these toppings, feel free to leave them out. Or if you have extra veggies you want to sneak in, add them here!
  4. Bake uncovered at 375 degrees for 30 minutes. Then remove the dish and crumble the bacon over and top with cheese. Return the oven for 5-10 minutes.
    • By adding the bacon on last, it keeps it super crispy and delicious.

FAQ’s for Alice Springs Chicken

Can you use chicken thighs, chicken tenderloins or other cuts of meat in this dish?

Yes, any variety of boneless, skinless chicken will work in this recipe. You can choose based on your family’s taste preferences. Please note that the cooking time may change depending on the type of meat selected.

Can you freeze Alice Springs Chicken

Yes, this dish can be frozen before or after you cook it.

To Freeze:

  • Prepare recipe in a freezer friendly dish through step 3. You can add the cheese, or leave it off and add right before baking.
  • When ready to bake, thaw completely, and then continue at step 4.
  • Bacon can be frozen in a separate container to add to the top as well.

If you freeze after cooking just follow the instructions I the leftovers section.

What to Serve with Alice Springs Chicken

This meal is so full of flavor that the side dishes are endless when paired with it. You can go with classic sides or keep the dish lighter by choosing healthier sides. Either way, pairing Alice Springs Chicken with a couple of these will make a super filling and delicious meal.

Traditional Side Dishes:

  • Mashed Potatoes- Try these Instant Pot Mashed Potatoesthey are delicious and so easy.
  • Baked Potatoes
  • Rice- Jasmine rice is our personal favorite.
  • Garlic Smashed Potatoes
  • Garlic Bread- Try my Best Ever Garlic Bread recipe.
  • Sweet Potatoes- Our favorite way to eat sweet potatoes is roasted in the oven drizzled with oil and a pinch of salt.

Healthy Side Dishes:

  • Side Salad- One of my favorite salad dressings to serve with side salads is my homemade ranch dressing.
  • Roasted Vegetables- We like to roast broccoli, cauliflower, peppers and anything else your kids will eat.
  • Cauliflower Rice- You can use store bought or make your own. Sauté in butter and garlic until cauliflower is slightly brown and soft.
  • Sautéed Green Beans– This side dish is one of my kids favorite and most frequently asked for dish.

If you have a favorite side dish that I missed, make sure and leave me a comment in the section at the bottom of this post.

If this recipe gluten free?

Yes, the ingredients used in this recipe are naturally gluten free. Be sure to check all labels before you assemble your dish to ensure they are gluten free.

How do you store leftovers for Alice Springs Chicken

Leftovers can be stored in air tight containers. I like to store them in portion sized containers to eat throughout the week. They can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 days or the freezer for up to 1 month.

Easy Alice Springs Chicken (3)

Leftover Alice Springs Chicken Meal Ideas

  • Honey Mustard Chicken Wraps– Grab your favorite wrap and layer the chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, and drizzle with honey mustard.
  • Chicken Quesadilla– Chop up the leftover chicken, and layer it on top of a tortilla, add cheese and drizzle honey mustard over the cheese. Heat on a skillet until cheese is melted.
  • Honey Mustard Chicken Salad– Chop leftover chicken into bite sized pieces and mix with toppings. Fill a bowl with chopped romaine, or your favorite greens. Top the greens with a generous scoop of chicken, cherry tomatoes, green onions and croutons. Drizzle with honey mustard or ranch dressing.

If you do get a chance to try it, I would love it if you let me know! Not only does it make my day, but it also helps my website when you leave a review!

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More Delicious Easy Chicken Bakes

Easy Alice Springs Chicken (4)

Baked Alice Springs Chicken

By: Kimber Matherne

4.89 from 9 votes

This chicken is loaded with flavors of honey mustard, mushrooms, onions and topped off with bacon and cheese and made all in one casserole dish@ This dish will have you licking your plate when you are done.

Prep Time: 10 minutes mins

Cook Time: 35 minutes mins

Total Time: 45 minutes mins

8 servings

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  • 2 lbs chicken breasts, boneless, skinless
  • 6 tbsp honey mustard
  • 1/2 tsp salt, divided
  • 1/2 tsp pepper, divided
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder, divided
  • 8 oz baby bella mushrooms, roughly chopped
  • 1/2 sweet onion, thinly sliced
  • 1 tbsp olive oil, extra virgin
  • 1/2 cup crispy bacon, crumbled
  • 1 cup colby jack cheese , shredded


  • 1 tbsp parsley, chopped


  • Lay the chicken breast flat in a large casserole dish. Season with 1/4 tsp of each, salt, pepper and garlic powder.

  • Spread 1-2 tbsp of honey mustard on top of each chicken breast to make a nice thick layer.

  • Combine the chopped mushrooms, thinly sliced onions, oil, and remaining salt, pepper, and garlic powder in a bowl and stir to coat. Then spread the mixture over the top of the chicken and top with cheese.

  • Bake uncovered at 375˚F for about 30 minutes. Then remove the dish, crumble the bacon over the top then sprinkle cheese evenly over the dish and return to oven for 5-10 minutes, or until the chicken is cooked though (internal temp of 165˚F.)

  • Garnish with parsley and serve with mashed potatoes, rice, or your favorite side dish. Enjoy!

Last step!Share a picture on Instagram and tag me at @easyfamilyrecipes!

Recipe Notes


  • Chicken Breasts —You can cut the chicken in half, chunks, or use chicken tenderloins in lieu of full chicken breasts to make serving easier. Cooking time may be reduced.

How to Store:

  • Leftovers can be stored in an airtight container for 3-4 days in the refrigerator or in the freezer for up to a month.

How to Freeze:

  1. Prepare recipe in a freezer friendly dish through step 3. You can add the cheese, or leave it off and add right before baking.
  2. When ready to bake, thaw completely, and then continue at step 4.
  3. Bacon can be frozen in a separate container to add to the top as well.

How to Reheat: This can be reheated in the microwave in 30 second increments.

Dietary Considerations: This recipe is naturally gluten free. Please check all packages of products bought to ensure compliance.

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Nutrition Information

Calories: 280kcal (14%), Carbohydrates: 8g (3%), Protein: 31g (62%), Fat: 13g (20%), Saturated Fat: 5g (31%), Cholesterol: 95mg (32%), Sodium: 558mg (24%), Potassium: 628mg (18%), Fiber: 1g (4%), Sugar: 4g (4%), Vitamin A: 240IU (5%), Vitamin C: 3mg (4%), Calcium: 128mg (13%), Iron: 0.8mg (4%)

Easy Alice Springs Chicken (5)
Easy Alice Springs Chicken (6)

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  1. Kady

    Easy Alice Springs Chicken (7)
    Came out great! My whole family loved it! Was prepared to have left overs but everyone went back for seconds. Definitely will be adding this to our dinner rotation 🙏🏻🤤


  2. Mari

    Easy Alice Springs Chicken (8)
    Very tasty! Followed the instructions and it came out great. The chicken was very juicy.
    This recipe was so easy to make. It was fantastic!


  3. amelia

    so delicious.. will make it again….


  4. Ashley Thrash

    I cannot WAIT to try this recipe! I, to, always wanted Outback and Alice Springs Chicken for my birthday meal and other special dinners. However, I was wondering if you had a good recipe for honey mustard? Every one of your recipes I’ve tried has been on point! Thank you so much! May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you abundantly!


    1. Kimber Matherne

      You can use store bought (I like Ken’s brand) or this is my favorite recipe to make it from home: https://easyfamilyrecipes.com/honey-mustard-sauce/


  5. Joyce

    I just made your recipe…very yummy. I am confused about the Honey Mustard.I n ingredients it say 6 tbsp Honey Mustard. It then said to put 1-2 tbsp to coat the seasoned chicken. Then to put mixture over and put cheese next. Bake this dish. Remove from oven, spread chicken with crumbled bacon. Then again add cheese. What about the remaining unused Honey Mustard??


    1. Kimber Matherne

      It is 1-2 tbsp on EACH chicken breast depending on how saucy you want it! You will use 3-6 total.


  6. Amanda

    Easy Alice Springs Chicken (9)
    I love how easy and delicious this was. Thank you so much for your recipes!


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Easy Alice Springs Chicken (2024)


What is Alice Springs chicken at Outback? ›

Grilled chicken breast topped with sautéed mushrooms, crisp bacon, melted Monterey Jack and Cheddar and honey mustard sauce. Served with two freshly made sides.

What is chicken on the Barbie at Outback? ›

Seasoned and grilled 5 oz chicken breast with our signature BBQ sauce. Available until 4 pm. Choice of Aussie Fries or Seasonal Veggies. Upgrade to a Premium Soup or Side Salad for an additional charge.

Should you sear chicken breasts before baking? ›

The searing is a quick step to seal in the natural flavor and juiciness before baking. Otherwise, you do end up with the sad, dry chicken we've all encountered before.

How many carbs are in Alice Springs chicken from Outback Steakhouse? ›

Outback Steakhouse Outback Favorites Alice Springs Chicken (1 serving) contains 12g total carbs, 11g net carbs, 45g fat, 74g protein, and 740 calories.

What does Alice Springs have? ›

The region around Alice Springs is part of the Central Ranges xeric scrub area of dry scrubby grassland and includes the MacDonnell Ranges, which run east and west of the town and contain a number of hiking trails and swimming holes, such as Ormiston Gorge, Ormiston Gorge Creek, Red Bank Gorge and Glen Helen Gorge.

Is Alice Springs considered the Outback? ›

Nestled in the heart of Australia's ochre outback is Alice Springs.

What is Mimi chicken? ›

Mimi's chicken is a comfort Egyptian Chicken dish that is slow cooked, spiced, and fork tender and swims in its own pool of deliciousness.

What is flip flop chicken? ›

Arrange chicken on grill, bone side down. Grill for 1 hour 15 minutes (or until cooked through), flipping chicken every 10 minutes. Every time chicken is flipped, brush chicken with beer/butter mixture. Sprinkle with salt 3-4 times while grilling.

What is the best oil to sear chicken in? ›

Searing works best with a heavy-bottomed skillet, such as cast iron, that retains heat well and can go from stove to oven if necessary. To prevent the chicken from sticking to the pan, use a high-heat cooking oil like canola.

Is it better to bake or pan fry chicken? ›

What Is The Best Way To Cook A Chicken Breast? Cooking a boneless and skinless chicken breast in a hot cast iron pan is by far the easiest and most tasty way to cook the breast. You are far less likely to overcook the chicken breast compared to baking it in the oven or poaching it in water.

Do I need to oil chicken before baking? ›

It adds great flavor and helps give a nice golden crust on the outside. But if you'd rather use olive oil (or another favorite cooking oil), feel free. Brush the breasts liberally on both sides to prevent the chicken from sticking to the pan, and also to help the seasonings stick.

How much is the Alice Springs chicken? ›

Outback Steakhouse offers a variety of Australian-inspired dishes, including the Alice Springs Chicken. This dish costs $23.99 and is both tasty and balanced, with 530 calories per serving.

What kind of oil does Outback Steakhouse use? ›

Outback Steakhouse: avoid their breads, salad dressings and desserts, but at most locations, their fries are cooked in tallow (yes, including the bloomin' onion). Still worth confirming at your local restaurant, but Outback is a generally safe place to put together seed-oil free meals.

What is in the house salad at Outback? ›

Now, before you carnivores turn up your noses, hear me out. This isn't just any old side dish; it's a medley of crisp greens, crunchy croutons, Cheddar & Jack cheeses, cucumber, slivered red onions, and snappy cucumber. And a tangy tomato dressing that'll have your taste buds doing the waltz.

What are outbacks chicken ribs? ›

The ribs are served with a topping of Fresno chiles and a side of BBQ sauce for dipping. For the unversed, Aussie Chook Ribs are a special cut of bone-in chicken thighs that look and can be eaten like ribs.

Which two cooking styles does Outback feature? ›

The updated menu is easier to navigate and separates Outback's famous steaks by cooking style: Season & Seared, Slow-Roasted, and Char-Grilled, which offers a new thick cut Bone-In NY Strip, full of rich flavor.

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