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In association with Dura Forge from Prestige
Kids' Favourite Recipes + Tips to get them Eating! Fab Food 4 All (1)

Kids’ Favourite Recipes + Tips to get them Eating

Recently Prestige asked if I’d like to share some parenting tips with my readers to celebrate the launch of their new Dura Forge range of pans. So of course my thoughts immediately turned to food! Do you have a fussy eater or two in you house? Sometimes mealtimes can feel like an uphill struggle so here are some tips that I have picked up or devised over the years:

  • Try to introduce as many different foods as you can to your children from a young age. I was once told that a child needs to eat something 20 times before theylike it and I have to say that persistence does pay off. My daughter used to dislike any dishes containing chilli but I found that with a combination of reducing the amount I used and letting the meal cool down (which also decreases the spicy heat) she eventuallycame to like my ‘go to’ store cupboard dinner, and you’ll even find her plying a chicken wrap with sriracha sauce these days.
  • Sometimes it’s not the flavour that prevents kids from eating something but the look. My daughter won’t eat anything with a vein on display like a pork chop but if I make something like Frikerdella (Danish Meatballs) then there’s no problem at all. So using minced meat in things like burgers, spaghetti bolognese etc is a way to get round the visual thing.
  • Organic Food. For years my daughter would leave her Christmas dinner, or at least the poultry part and I was getting a bit frustrated by this. In the last few years we’ve been having an organic chicken for our Christmas dinner but last year I made a big point in telling my daughter all about this special chicken that had been fed a really good pesticide free diet and what a good life it had had, playing football and running around outside. I explained how the flavour was also far superior to battery chickens. Well that seemed to be the key that unlocked the door to my daughter eating all roast chicken and now she eats it all the time (providing I don’t put any veins on her plate)!

    Kids' Favourite Recipes + Tips to get them Eating! Fab Food 4 All (2)

    The new Dura Forge range from Prestige (image courtesy of Prestige)

  • Flattery. I’ll often create new dishesand one day I was making a chicken pie with bits from the fridge when my daughter announced that she certainly wouldn’t be eating it. So in a flash of inspiration I decided to put my daughter’s name across the top of the pie in pastry letters with an accompanying heart shape. Well as you can imagine she was so surprised and flattered at my thoughtful creativity that she ate all her pie up!
  • Snacks. Don’t let you children fill up on too many snacks when they come home from school and try to get some fruit into them at this time. A hungry child is less likely to be so fussy and more likely to finish their meal.
  • Get you kids involved with cooking, it will give them a real sense of achievement and ownership of the finished product. It’s a great way to get them to try new things as well as getting creative. These Monster Pancakes are perfect for encouraging little ones to try out new fruits as they’ll be engrossed in making a scary face with them!
  • Eat as a family and make mealtime, quality time (no phones at the table), the more relaxed kids are the more likely they are to eat.
  • Sow seeds with your kids, knowing where their food comes from is very important. I remember my daughter asking to plant a pip from her apple when she was little and 8 years on we have a small Braeburn tree in the garden! (No apples yet but we live in hope)! Herbs and cress are a lot quicker to grow however; I can still remember my first cress sandwich at school after growing the seeds on some blotting paper. I loved cress from that day on!
  • There are some foods kids will never like perhaps it’s in the genes? You could sit me in front of a block of blue cheese forever and a day and nothing would make me like it. I did however recently discover that by melting it in a pan and serving with steak it looses it’s sour taste and becomes quite bearable, well almost delicious!

So these are just a few tips to get your kids eating a varied diet, I’m sure you have many of your own and I’d love to hear them in the comments! I have only referenced my daughter in this feature as my son turns 18 next week so hasn’t been a fussy eater in a very long time!

Kids' Favourite Recipes + Tips to get them Eating! Fab Food 4 All (3)

I have been looking for a new Wok but now I feel I don’t need one! Dura Forge 20cm Frypan

Last week I was sent the new Dura Forge 30 cm frypan by Prestige and I have to say I’m really impressed. When I was asked if I’d like to review a saucepan or a frypan I’ll admit I wasn’t very excited as I had sufficient of both. However when the Dura Forge frypan arrived I was over the moon as it is deeper than your average frypan so can double up as a stir fry/casserole pan. I also love the look of the Dura Forge frypan with its pretty shiny stainless steel base and stripe effect interior. So far I’ve made 3 dishesin my new frypan and the food just seems to glide effortlessly across the interior, more so than any other non-stick pan I’ve used. Cleaning is also a breeze as there’s no need to soak before washing. The main features of the pan are:

  • 3D stainless steel base which resists warping, making it suitable for all hobs including induction.
  • Forged body which provides strength and thickness where needed for optimal cooking performance.
  • Reinforced, ridged anti-scratch interior for superior food release and easy cleaning.

I thought it would be really great to hear what meals my fellow food bloggers rustle up in their pots and pans for their kids or more specifically, their kids’ favourite meals. So I posed the question this week and as you’d expect there’s a lot of pasta but there are also some spicy and exotic dishes which is great to see. Here is the collection of kids’ favourite meals:

Kids' Favourite Recipes + Tips to get them Eating! Fab Food 4 All (4)

Kids' Favourite Recipes + Tips to get them Eating! Fab Food 4 All (5)

Kids' Favourite Recipes + Tips to get them Eating! Fab Food 4 All (6)

Kids' Favourite Recipes + Tips to get them Eating! Fab Food 4 All (7)

I really want to make each and every one of these Kids’ Favourite Recipesas I’m sure my family will love them and I think yours will too! Do let me know if you try any of them andtell me what your kids’ thought!

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Kids' Favourite Recipes + Tips to get them Eating! Fab Food 4 All (8)

NB: Post commissioned by Prestige and all opinions are my own.

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    • Camilla

      A pleasure Amy-)


  1. Choclette

    Lots of good tips here. I’m a firm believer in getting kids into help out in the kitchen asap. I’ve managed to pretty much burn all of my pans now – oops! So I’m in need of a new set.


    • Camilla

      Thanks Choclette! I’m really impressed with my new pan:-)


  2. Michelle @ Greedy Gourmet

    I’m envying those Prestige pans. My Ikea ones are on their last legs…. not that they have any! Fab roundup and thanks for the shout-out.


    • Camilla

      Thanks Michelle, I am loving my new frypan as it’s the size I use most nights:-)


  3. Elizabeth

    What a super collection of recipes! Kids can be so fussy sometimes, but thankfully there are a wide variety recipes we can make – surely they’ll like something! 🙂


    • Camilla

      Thanks Elizabeth-)


  4. Heather Haigh

    Great roundup and plenty of things I’d enjoy eating too.


    • Camilla

      Thanks, me too:-)


  5. Jacqueline Meldrum

    Some good ideas and recipes Camilla. It really is about presenting them with the same dish over and over until they get used to it and always trying new things. It’s too easy to let them get stuck eating the same few things over and over.


    • Camilla

      Thank Jacs, yes perseverance pays off.


  6. Ninjakillercat

    Brilliant post and there’s brilliant of inspiration for healthy eating too


    • Camilla

      Thank you Claire, yes I’m loving all these recipes:-)


  7. Katie

    There are some great recipe ideas on here Camillia – thanks for including my veggie curry 🙂 xxx


    • Camilla

      Thanks Katie and a pleasure:-)


  8. Kate @ Veggie Desserts

    So many great stovetop recipes to get kids eating well! My kids would love the courgetti alfredo.


    • Camilla

      Thank you Kate:-)


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Kids' Favourite Recipes + Tips to get them Eating! Fab Food 4 All (2024)


What is the best way to ensure that a child is getting enough food to eat? ›

How do I know when my child is eating enough?
  • Offer all food groups at every meal. Make sure no one food group is completely left out. ...
  • Encourage your child to eat a variety of foods within the food groups by modeling good eating yourself. ...
  • A child who is growing well is getting enough to eat.
Jun 5, 2012

How do you get kids to eat their food? ›

Serve a small portion and encourage your child to try a bite without nagging or forcing. And be sure you're setting a good example! Serve nutritious foods that you like or eat something new so your kids see you enjoying what you're asking them to eat.

How do you make dishes appealing to kids? ›

Make foods interesting and fun.

Color and texture can play a big role in whether a kid likes new foods. They may find new foods more appealing if those foods are perceived as fun. Serving foods that can be served in fun shapes or are brightly colored can help encourage interest.

How do I get my 7 year old to try new foods? ›

When you do offer a new food, simply place it on the dinner table with everything else, and don't make a big deal about it. Don't put it right on your child's plate; let him choose it for himself. He might dig right in, or he may warm up to it eventually, after seeing you eat it a few times.

How do you get picky eaters to eat? ›

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  1. Try eating the food first to show them you like it. ...
  2. Make funny faces with the foods on their plate. ...
  3. Give them a choice of different foods to try. ...
  4. Serve new foods with foods you know they like.
  5. Try freezing small bites of leftover foods. ...
  6. Wait a couple of days before offering the food again.

What do picky eaters not eat? ›

A survey of nearly 500 picky-eating adults found that bitter and sour foods are especially unpopular. So are slippery or slimy foods, like eggs. Picky eaters tend to skip vegetables. They're also not fans of foods with "lumps," like stew.

Why do kids become picky eaters? ›

'Causes' of picky eating include early feeding difficulties, late introduction of lumpy foods at weaning, pressure to eat, and early choosiness especially if the mother is worried by this; protective factors include provision of fresh foods and eating the same meal as the child.

What food makes kids happy? ›

Dark leafy greens are high in Vitamin B-12, B9 (also known asfolate) and other B-vitamins. B-vitamins get an “A+” when it comes to producing natural brain chemicals that positively affect mood and other brain functions. Common leafy greens that you can grow in your garden include kale and spinach.

What foods fill up kids? ›

Each of these options contains 5-7 grams of hunger-busting protein in a serving size that's also a satisfying quantity.
  • CLIF Kid Zbar® Protein. ...
  • Yogurt + Berries. ...
  • English Muffin + Peanut Butter. ...
  • String Cheese. ...
  • Whole-Grain Crackers + Hummus. ...
  • Jerky + Popcorn. ...
  • Whole-Grain Cereal + Milk. ...
  • Cheese and Nut Snack Pack.

What makes a food interesting? ›

Colors: The colors of a meal's ingredients play a significant role. While bright, vibrant colors can add energy, complementary colors create a contrast that adds visual layers to the meal, and too many dull colors may seem unappealing. By seeing what we eat, we can assume a food's flavor before we even taste it.

How do you make meals interesting? ›

Here are some ways to make your meals more flavorful and interesting:
  1. Experiment with herbs and spices: Try using different herbs and spices to add flavor to your meals. ...
  2. Use fresh ingredients: Fresh ingredients tend to have more flavor than canned or frozen ones.
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  • Step 3: Keep a Running Grocery List.
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Why is my child not getting enough food? ›

Some children have trouble eating enough food. This might be due to a developmental delay, being a very picky eater, a medical condition that affects swallowing (like cerebral palsy or a cleft palate), or a condition like autism in which kids don't like eating foods with some textures or tastes.

What if a child does not consume enough food? ›

If a kid doesn't eat enough in a day, a few things can happen. First, they might not get all the nutrients they need to grow big and strong. That can slow down their growth and make them feel tired and cranky. Plus, if it happens a lot, it could lead to weight loss or nutritional deficiencies.

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